Thursday, 28 July 2016

an Aussie's horror at the US election - specifically Drumpf

I am honestly completely shocked & horrified at the number of unequivicably stupid people there is in America. My soul mate & many of my best friends have been American. I know how many wonderful people call the US home. BUT ... How ANYONE can say ANY other politician is an evil liar & then say vote for Trump, who is seemingly incapable of telling the truth about anything. Not to mention being profoundly dumb, an instinctively dishonest narcissist with the thinnest skin, smallest vocabulary (& hands) & no morals or interest in anyone but himself. He is what many people around the world call a typical Jerry Springer Show guest. He is a huge, glowing orange joke with a dead animal on his head. He talks about wanting to sleep with his daughter. He gives every person who dares disagree with him (read: sane people) "clever" nicknames that are right out of a 2nd grader's favourite insults handbook. I don't know any more whether to laugh at him and revile him or to fear him. If he becomes POTUS, the whole world will be in danger. Think about how many countries he could blow up in the midst of a hissy tantrum over someone telling him he has small ... hands. That should be a joke. With Drumpf and his nazi followers running around trying to be boss of America, it is not exactly amusing.

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