Thursday, 28 July 2016

my first grandbaby ..

I had to cleanse myself of the Drumpf Disgust before mentioning why today - hopefully today - is a special day. It is almost 10pm on Thursday July 28 and my beautiful daughter is in the process of bringing her first child, a little girl, into the world.
I HOPE she will make 28th her birthday, my daughter has been in labour for over 24 hours & 2 more had better be enough !!
I will meet my first grandchild tomorrow & I cannot wait to hold her.

My gorgeous princess Grace was indeed born on the 28th.  Now 7 weeks old, smiling, growing like a weed & bringing joy to her parents, she will soon be laughing, walking, talking & wrapping her extended family around her finger.

Here is a photo of my angel Grace at 6 weeks old <3 <3

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