Friday, 28 October 2016

put the Blacklist out of our misery

It is so sad, this season so far. The ONLY thing that made Blacklist so popular was James Spader's Raymond Reddington - with all of his quirky amazing monologues, humour, ruthlessness and love for Liz.
Since she got my hopes up and pretended to die, then didn't, it has been a complete shitshow. She does that to the man who has done everything to keep her safe and alive, has put up with her fucking whining every 5 seconds, and then she just expects him to be all happy to see her? And KEEP saving her and her kid?
Meanwhile, Red has not been shown as he always was, with his unique & fascinating mind and vocabulary confusing the hell out of anyone he decided was not on his side. The character has been completely muted. Fucking Liz and her psychotic mood swings have taken up all of the first episodes. Whose side is she on? She changes her mind about 50 times a week and even when she says it's all Red or all Daddy half the time she is lying. No one ever knows what she is doing and yet there she is, back at the top secret taskforce when she isn't even an agent any more.
I wanted her to die, Tom to leave and just have Red, Dembe and Mr Kaplan running the show. James Spader is the only reason 99.9 percent of people watch. Now though I believe it's too far gone and they should can it and create something new, worthy of Spader and with some castmates who can actually ACT with him.

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